Friday, August 26, 2011

Shoot of the Week: Soft and Pretty

The key to a great boudoir shoot is feeling beautiful.
We are in to our second look and our lady has found an
effortless rhythm,  really connecting with the camera.
The soft styling of her hair, and the pastel color pallete of the entire setting
makes for a warm and intimate shot.

Why is a Caftan sexy?

Caftans have traditionally been apart of cultural dress
and have been used through the decades
as beach or resort wear, loungewear at home and recently daywear in the summer.
Leaving lots to the imagination,
the soft and feminine drape makes this cover up sexy.
The allure of not seeing it all makes for her all the more desirable.

The Appeal of Boyshorts

Striped high waisted boyshorts, briefs or tap pants, give a nod to true pin up style.
Providing more coverage than it's peers, less is definitely more.
Paired with this vintage halter bikini top makes a perfect combination.

She's got legs....

Legs have always been a focal point of attraction.
There's a whole industry built around them.
Hoisery, whether nude, herringbone, fishnet or racerback have enhanced the appeal of a pair.
Add a pair of heels and it changes everything.